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How to Fix Joomla 3.X freezing, or Hanging During installation.

Over the years there have been several issues with Joomla freezing during installation.  In my Experience, almost all of the errors that include “freezing”, or “stalling”  during installation, can be corrected by “tweaking” Your servers php.ini file. It’s not all that uncommon to have to modify Your PHP settings, Most hosting Control Panels have a separate section called “PHP settings”.

Joomla 3.x installer creating tables.

Creating the DataBase Tables should take no longer than 2 minutes. If You see the screen above for more than 2 minutes, The Installer is frozen.

The settings that need to be changed, will actually help Your server perform better under medium and heavy loads.

The settings to change are:

  1. PHP Maximum Memory Allocation. the default for PHP 5.3.x is 128MB  change this to 256MB
  2. PHP Maximum Execution Time the default is 30 seconds change it to 60 seconds

Now Restart Your web server.

If You are still having issues with the freezing increase the PHP Maximum Execution Time.

If that still doesn’t help go back to the database setup page, and change the database connector type from MYSQLI to MYSQL.  Some hosts running older server versions may require this.  If Your host requires this, it is time to look for a new host.

If everything above still didn’t work, You may need someone to take a more hands on approach.


Note: After every failed installation of Joomla, You must clear out the DataBase.

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