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Joomla 3.X Pre-Install Check List

Now that You Have decided to install Joomla, lets take a minute for a Quick Pre-install check.  

Does Your Web Server meet the system requirements? Not sure? Check here for Joomla 3.x system requirements.

During the installation You will be asked to provide information that Joomla needs to install itself  on Your server.  Below is a list of items You will be asked for.

General Site Information

  • Domain Name
  • Joomla Compatible Web Host  Insert “sponsored” webhosts here LOL.
  • Joomla Admin Name Don’t Choose “Admin”. Please!
  • Joomla Admin Password  Choose this Wisely young Jedi.

MYSQL Information This info is usually found in Your hosting control panel

  • Server Name (most WebHosts use or localhost)
  • Database Name  Example_DB
  • DataBase User    your_user_name
  • DataBase Password  your_DB_password
  • Double check that Your User has the following Permissions: (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER, CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, and LOCK TABLES)

Once You have this info gathered up, You can move on to the tutorial: How To Joomla 3.x Here.

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