This article is about Linode!

Why I use Linode.

Need a virtual server?  Linode is Great!

I have been using Linode for the past 5 years now.  Why?

  1. Rock Solid Infrastructure. Everything fails, its a fact of life. The difference between Linode, and 99% of their competition is that, They have designed their entire Infrastructure to deal with the inevitable failures. From the Patch Panel to the Cpu, it’s all Good
  2. Customer Support. I Think of myself as a busy person. If I have to wait more than 5min to talk to someone in support that can actually solve the issue I am having, or answer a question that I have, I am GONE.  Linode does not dissapoint.
  3. Linode is Fast!  The latest wave of Linode Servers, are on par with any other hosting company on the Planet!

Nothing is 100% perfect so here is a quick breakdown of the Pros vs. Cons.


  • Customer service that is second to none.
  • A price point for every Project, and even the little guy gets the good stuff!
  • Rock solid infrastructure.
  • Great Control Panels
  • The DNS system is as close to perfect is I dare hope for.
  • They actually Upgrade hardware on a schedule!!!!!!! No servers that are 5 years old!!!!!!!


  • It can be a little daunting to a beginner.
  • Linode is UN-MANAGED, it is NOT for someone wanting just a blog. *Recently Linode added OS Management.
  • redundant Backup is not included in base price. The add-on is only about $6 per month, but I firmly believe everything should come with FREE Backups, EVERYTHING. (to be fair their is a non-user accessible backup provided for free, a quick email to support can get your Server restored in a matter of minutes.

So in closing,  Linode is World-Class in every respect, and at current prices an Excellent Bargain.  But running a VPS is not for everyone.


P.S. If You use the link below to sign up for Linode Services, I get a referral credit. Thank You, Have a Good Day!


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